Maybe it was the smell that first hit you.

Perhaps you got into bed and felt something damp.

Either way, the dreaded realization that the cat had peed outside his litterbox came over you like a dark cloud and you went online looking for help.

I’ve been through this and solved it. Read on to learn about one of the methods I used to stop cat from peeing where he shouldn’t have.

My first attempts at cleaning the offending area only ended up making it worse. The smell was downright debilitating. At one point the cat actually came over and crouched right in front of me and relieved himself. I knew I needed a special solution so I ended up buying some Nature’s Miracle.

I soaked the area thoroughly and, truth be told, it smelled even worse for a few minutes. The trick at this point was to stop the cat from going there so I put down some aluminum foil with a few holes punched in. Cats don’t like the feel of aluminum foil under their feet (who would) so they generally stay away from the area.

This allowed it to dry and, to be on the safe side, I applied a second soak and it really worked. The smell was gone.

The question now was, why was the cat going there in the first place? It was all well and fine to clean the area up but if the source of the problem wasn’t solved, the cat would just go somewhere else. Of this I was certain.

Unfortunately this solution wasn’t going to be found in a bottle. I knew I needed to “get inside my cat’s head” and figure out what he was trying to tell me by peeing outside the litter box.

They say cats are extremely sensitive to environmental change. Well, it turns out that changing the litter brand didn’t strike him as such a good idea as it did us. He didn’t think the “unscented” was acceptable and seemed to prefer the “floral” scent of his original brand.

A small thing that cost us too much in both sanity and quilts.

Source by Mike Machados