Cats are not able to perceive sweet tastes

This is probably one of the reasons why they are so bitter. Multiple studies proved that cats that live in a domestic environment are not attracted to sweets (whether they are carbohydrates or sweeteners). At a close research, it was shown that their taste cells are not responsive to various types of sugars (sucrose included).

Cats’ taste is very similar to the one belonging to other mammals. Except for dogs. They do love everything related to sugar, and they tend to get iffy if they don’t get their dose of sugar. But the important thing to remember is the fact that you shouldn’t purchase sweet treats for your cats, since they don’t really care about it.

Cats imitate the hiss of snakes out of instinct

Scientists have suggested that cats got this habit from snakes and they’ve been trying to imitate snakes ever since. This makes your cat a copy. However, since many animals know that snakes are dangerous, they do tend to stay away from any dangerous hiss.

This sound acts like a warning to animals or even people, and advises them to stay away. But you should remember that, when a cat hisses, is because it is probably scared of something. This could come from the arrival of a new animal (dog or cat) or simply a new thing. Cats are scared by unknown elements, and this hissing is their way of protecting themselves. Is there a way to calm down nervous cats?

Yes. A cat has to have the space to feel comfortable and the time to adjust to the new animal or person. It might help to allow your cat to smell an object touched by your visitor, helping them get used to the smell. This turns the smell into a more familiar one, and it will make it feel more comfortable during the meeting with the actual guest.

The purrs of cats give nurturing instincts because they incorporate a similar frequency as the one of a baby

The idea of communication between species is still something new to most of us. There aren’t a lot of studies that emphasize the way in which animals and humans communicate in a given environment. But what we do know is the fact that cats can be very manipulative with their owners. How? Through purring!

The main reason why cats purr is to obtain something from the humans who own them. Usually that something is food or maybe some caresses. The interesting thing is that their way of purring is identical in terms of frequency with the cry of an infant. Through this, a cat can exploit the nurturing instincts displayed by humans. Scientists performed a test one two groups. For one of the groups, they played purrs while the cats were searching for food, and for the other one, they didn’t play any purrs. The group that had listened to the purrs experienced a sensation of discomfort. In the purr, the high frequency sound is similar to a meow that has the ability to influence people.

Source by Karina Popa